Monday, April 4, 2016

Special Recognition from Exec Management


July 22, 2014

Jay and Chelsea:
It’s Important to understand that taking care of our customers has to remain our number one focus.

You are the main reason why we have achieved such accolades. You are one of the special few that made the kind of difference that earned the loyaty of one of those customers for life; during your busy day when you have many other tasks, I am confident you will continue to deliver the world class customer services that warranted this recognition.

Thank you for being a standout with one of our customer who felt compelled to call and share their experience with us. You truly represented who staples strives to be.

I am confident this is not the first time you have gone above and beyond for a customer but perhaps, it’s the first time you have heard from me personally how much you are appreciated and what an important part of our culture you represent.


Jeff Rick
Regional Vice President
Sales and Operations
Region 3

From the desk of Jeff Rick, Regional Vice President, Sales and Operations

2003 Plank Road Fredericksburg VA 22401

Recent Scholarship Awarded

Capital Area NCWorks Career Center Scholarship Application
Approved Next Steps

Congratulations on being selected to receive a scholarship though the Capital Area NCWorks Career Center. The next step in this process is to meet with a Scholarship Consultant to review important details, including the scholarship amount, the althoughyou have been selected to receive a scholarship, thid does not necessarily mean you have been approved for the amount requested

Please contact your Scholarship Consultant within 10 business days to arrange for an appointment.

Contact information for your assigned Consultant:

Scholarship Consultant Name:     Tonya Miranda             

E- mail:                         

Office phone:   919-715-0111 x 255                                    

Again, Congratulations on the approval of your application! We look forward to working with you in this next stage of your employment search.

Professional Awards and Recognition

Jerome Bohringer all Professional Awards and Recognition on Baptism Certificate, Community Success Initiative Certificate, Hope Church Award-Leader of Men's Fraternity Group,Special Recognition from Exec Management.